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Our Lifestyle

Based in Los Angeles, Muse Lifestyle Group is a dynamic and cutting-edge company that fuses innovation and expertise to deliver some of the most desirable destinations in the dining, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, distribution, medical and real-estate industries. Muse Lifestyle Group specializes in creating and developing vibrant, design-oriented, high-concept venues along with all aspects of day-to-day restaurant and hospitality management.

Muse Lifestyle Group's services range from management, consulting, marketing, branding, conceptualization, planning, design, build-out, promotions and public relations. Collectively, our management team has more than 100 years of experience and a proven track record of success in launching and operating some of the most sought-after restaurants and nightlife destinations nationwide, managing and consulting numerous projects in hospitality, manufacturing, medical and real-estate developing industries.

Mikayel Israyelyan


A savvy businessman at an early age, Mikayel opened his first cafe at 14 years old in a local movie theater in Yerevan, Armenia. He moved to the US two years later to broaden his opportunities. His lifestyle "There is nothing impossible. If you can dream about it, you can do it"

applies in everything we do. 

Gabriel Israyelyan

VP of Developments

Gabriel makes sure that the scope and direction of each construction 

project is on schedule, as well as other departments for support. Plans, budgets, oversees and documents all aspects of the projects we are working on.


Suren Minasyan

VP of Operations

Suren effectively develops and accomplishes long-term and short-term goals that further company's growth. Starting from branding, business strategy development, budgeting, planning and curating the process of the opening and further effective operation management of each project.


Management, Consulting,

Marketing & Branding

Selected Projects

- Romanov Restaurant & Lounge

- Olive & Grill

- Michael's Pizza

- Chi Dynasty

- Tea Room Cafe

- Republic Restaurant and Lounge

- M Lounge

- Prana Café

- Oasis Bakery and Café

- Vesuvius Nightclub

- Playhouse Nightclub 

- Sound Nightclub

- Frame Work

- Ivar Nightclub

- Bliss Restaurant

- Calle Tacos

- Joe’s Pizza

- Estima USA

- Eva Water

- Residential Real Estate

- Commercial Real Estate

- others.

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